Fab Guys dating app for gay men

Fab Guys has quickly established itself as the best gay dating site. Based on a free messenger chat, this gay dating site is, in our opinion, both the fastest and the most visited. By offering geolocated meetings, chat or private message systems, very comprehensive profiles and above all absolutely brilliant chat software Fab Guys is way ahead of the competition. If we add to this that this is a 100% free site, the mass is said. Small precision all the same, Fab Guys is a gay dating site very focused on hookups, you will be able to find love there but most of the connected gays seek relations of one evening first.

Fab Guys Created by a heavyweight on the internet dating market, it is both the most serious site, the most technologically advanced and the one that has the largest gay community in all of France. By registering for free on Fab Guys, we find a large number of profiles with very appreciable diversity and met very quickly. the possibility of making serious meetings like evening meetings. And, for those who want more features and contacts, the subscription is among the cheapest on the market and arguably the most cost-effective.

Finally a 100% Free gay dating site! And yes, thanks to Fab Guys you can place a free geo-localized gay dating ad! We have thought of the site to make it as clear, simple and intuitive as possible. So you will notice the possibility of searching for gay maps by cities but also by departments. Each gay men search page by locality allows you to filter the members and find the right man more quickly;). In order to provide you with the best possible service, Fab Guys also provides you with a very advanced and above all unlimited chat and webcam service, with in-depth member search, detailed sheets and many other services, completely free, such as the evening section and gay outings! Since 2018, Fab Guys has a new gay blog dealing with gay and LGBT news, flirty advice, a sex section, gay stories and also a gay directory listing gay places near you!

Fab Guys Free Gay Dating Site in The UK:

Fab Guys is AND will remain 100% free. Access all services for free and unlimited. A free site does not mean without functionality, Fab Guys indeed has a chat and webcam service, a detailed search, favorites, blacklist … and all the features you will need to find a gay plan quickly near you! Fab Guys is the first 100% free gay dating site in England, USA, Canada, and Australia.

+ 50,000 gay ads:

Fab Guys has more than 50,000 gay ads spread across England. The members each have a detailed and completed sheet (description of 60 words mandatory). 10 profile photos and a geolocation will allow you to find your next gay plan simply. The community of this gay dating site remains very active, more than 200 members connected during peak hours, so what are you waiting to try?

Totally Unlimited:

Are you restrained on other gay dating sites? can you no longer send messages or photos? Are you asked to go to the cashier to unlock certain features? Fab Guys is the only site where all the features are unlimited. No restrictions on messages, photo sharing … We wanted to create a free site with all the services of other paid dating sites. Chat, webcam, bookmarks, photo sharing, search filters … everything is free and unlimited;)

Secure data:

Fab Guys secures your personal data in order to preserve your anonymity. So you can privatize your photos so that they are only accessible to the members you want. Your sensitive data is encrypted and the https protocol allows a more secure data exchange. Fab Guys emphasizes security to avoid unpleasant surprises. Ads are also checked and any reports studied in order to maintain a quality community.

Fab Guys is a serious and completely free dating site:

It is positioned on the gay meeting, between men (soft / serious meeting). Here, it is simply a question of “real” meetings with real people, real users (no phony profiles) that will allow you to find what you are looking for: great love or simply a sincere friendship, according to your expectations or according to your Today’s mood…
Fab Guys already has tens of thousands of members in England, Belgium, Switzerland but also in other countries.


Our site offers its subscribers many features: chat, internal messaging, multi-criteria search, detailed descriptive profiles, photo gallery, Mister Fab Guys competition, etc.
Your anonymity is guaranteed since you choose a nickname when you register and because your personal e-mail does not appear anywhere when you log in to the members area, inside the site.


All the photos and all the text descriptions of the subscribers which are visible inside this site have been checked manually, before validation, by our team of moderators. In addition, numerous tools and filters are in place to combat spam and to quickly identify and exclude disruptive or fraudulent profiles.

Totaly free:

Truly free gay dating sites are quite rare. With us, all our dating and chat services are really 100%. The use of our services does not require any paid subscription …. So, register in a few seconds and come and chat with men!

Our philosophy:

Our site will allow you to make serious and fulfilling meetings between gay men.

To remember :

  • Fab Guys is not a pornographic site, but a chat and dating site, serious, tolerant, oriented towards the homosexual public,
  • No bogus profiles, no scams, but instead real guy profiles,
  • Rigorous checks by our moderators (all announcements and photos are validated manually),
  • New features and improvements regularly offered to our subscribers,
  • Anonymous, fast and secure contacts,
  • A free site,
  • A site without spam or scam.

What are our goals ?

Our website is simple to use, intuitive, anonymous and efficient. Our goal is to help our gay members find friends, a sexy plan or find love, according to their expectations … And all for free!

Mandatory registration, to sort out motivated people:

Registration on Fab Guys is reserved for a male and adult gay audience. Teens under the age of 18 are not allowed on our site.
Although very simple and very fast, registration is necessary because it is already a first sort allowing to dismiss unmotivated people and to keep Internet users who have a minimum of follow-up and seriousness in their approach.

An effective concept:

  • -Fab Guys allows, in particular to select men by precise criteria (age, city or centers of interest, etc.) among the gay profiles available in our database, and to discuss directly between “compatible” people. Internet dating is now the most “scientific” way to meet the right partner directly.
  • -The web does not take away either the “spice” or the “magic” in the meeting … since, on the contrary, it is a trigger, a preparer for your meeting to take place in the best possible conditions!

Multiple functionalities …

  • Internal messaging (inbox and sent items box),
  • Private chat module between gay members,
  • Search engine by nicknames or by criteria (size, weight, hair color, income),
  • Complete management of your profile (with text ad, photos and video ad …)
  • Mister Fab Guys competition (based on a points system),
  • And many other features …

The rules to know and respect on FabGuys:

– Our dating site prohibits its members from disseminating any kind of illegal or erroneous information.
– Note that each registrant has their right to oppose, access, rectify and delete their data.
– It is forbidden and useless to include your personal details (name, e-mail, address or even telephone number) in your description or in your text ad. This personal information will be systematically deleted by our moderators.
– Say things that could be interpreted as a threat or sexual harassment. Disturbing elements are systematically removed from our database. A little advice: be courteous!

Who can view your photos?

Only the other members of the Fab Guys site. Internet users not registered on our site cannot access your profile photo.
Please note that pornographic photos are always refused by our team of moderators.

The meeting on Fab Guys is secure and anonymous:

  • Your personal password is CONFIDENTIAL; you alone therefore have access to the management of your file.
  • No one, apart from Fab Guys registrants, can access your profile or view your photos. You register on our site in total anonymity and nobody knows your identity; unless you freely decide to give it. It is for this reason that you must choose a nickname when you register.
  • You can block / blacklist all members with whom you wish to completely stop all exchange of messages.
  • Indelicate Internet users who do not respect our general conditions are excluded if necessary by our team.
  • Likewise, if you lose your password, click on “forgotten password” (next to the username / password fields), an e-mail containing your password will be automatically sent to you, at the e-mail that you indicated during your registration.

FabGuys a really free gay dating site!

The gay public is “trendy”, connected to music, fashion, culture, new technology and fond of services.
The gay community has been using the Internet more, for longer than the rest of the population, and is consuming more online.

The dating sites positioned on this market know this well … and it is for this reason that they are almost all paying!

With Fab Guys, you finally found a completely free gay dating site, without animator or fake profiles and truly gay-friendly!


Gay App & Chat Dating:

Find sexy gay men near you with the fastest growing gay dating app on the Apple Store. Whether you are looking for meetings, friendships or a long-term relationship, Fab Guys is there for you.

We are an open platform where you can be yourself while looking for hot guys. We operate according to our motto NO LABEL, so it doesn’t matter if you are more Bear, Young Ephebe, Sportsman or Show Queen. Come have fun and search through thousands of profile photos to find your perfect guy. Try Fab Guys and change the way

you meet new sexy guys.

About us:

  • We have created an ultra-fast gay networking and dating platform that is game-changing for dating.
  • Gay dating has never been sexier, faster, safer and easier!
  • Have fun and let go while you search for the perfect type for you!

Search with Fab Guys:

  • Browse profiles of nearby cute guys by swiping right to “like” a guy and swiping left to “pass”
  • If you Match, start chatting with your man for more fun and learning more about him.
  • Upload a sexy profile photo or 5 public and 3 private photos to your profile from your photo album, Facebook or Instagram.
  • Send videos and photos that disappear after a few seconds to a cute guy.
  • Send a private photo to share your current location in a private chat.
  • Use a “Power Like” so a hot guy can see that you like him before he swipes left or right!
  • Share your mood of the moment on Fab Guys by adding a status based on your emotions which will be updated with all your connections.


Gay dating site:

Tired of gay dating sites that only offer short-term relationships? FabGuys is made for singles who wish to establish a serious and lasting relationship with a person of the same sex. Here, no light relationships, but singles looking for great love!

The complete profiles of the members allow you to form an opinion on their personality. Think about it when you fill out your profile! Be sincere and spontaneous, in order to send an image faithful to reality. During this stage, do not hesitate to call on our coach psychologist: she will be able to guide you in developing your profile, and will indicate the errors to avoid. The choice of your photo is also of paramount importance: do not hide behind sunglasses. In summary, fill your profile in your image, and keep in mind that it is always more pleasant to consult complete profiles. Also, be aware that a profile with a photo is eight times more visited than a profile without a photo! Finally, do not forget to update your profile regularly: it must bear witness to your daily progress and be dynamic in order to demonstrate your investment in your search for a partner.

Gay dating on Fab Guys:

Every love story begins with an encounter. And in the same way that no story is like any other, meetings are also always a unique moment.

To find the love of your life, all possibilities must be considered. Perhaps the person you are looking for will be met at your workplace? Or presented by mutual friends. It is also possible to find your gem when you are on vacation, more relaxed and open to meetings.

Another possibility for gay dating: the web! On FabGuys, singles are put in contact according to the results of the personality test. In other words, we discover for you the singles who present with you an ideal blend of commonalities and differences. Scientific research conducted for more than 30 years on romantic relationships allows us to generate a list of partner suggestions for you. It is then up to you to define your search criteria: the place of residence, the size, the age, etc.

In summary: trust us to draw up your love profile and offer you compatible singles; trust yourself to establish search criteria that meet your expectations. It’s time to meet quality people!