Welcome to the part concerning the use of your personal data by FabGuys. Respect for your privacy is a commitment made by this site.

Unlike social networks and other dating sites, FabGuys is strongly committed to doing everything to protect your personal data.

Respect for personal data

Respect for personal life is often flouted on the internet and FabGuys plays on transparency. We know that securing personal data is a priority for some Internet users, which is why our policy is different and that the FabGuys team wants to be faultless in terms of confidentiality.

Presentation of our commitments:

None of your personal data (email address, pseudonym, orientation, etc.) is sold to third parties, such as emailing services, communication campaigns, etc.
FabGuys does not keep any data after the deletion of your account. The deletion of your dating profile is irreversible. Once this action has been performed, all of your data (private messages, comments, bekiss) is permanently erased.

Private and public spaces

The discernment between public and private space is essential. A public space can be consulted by any internet user. Unlike the public space, the private space is only intended for users registered with our services.

Forums: a public space

Attention: never forget, a forum is an entirely public space. We strongly invite you to consult the definition of a forum on Wikipedia.

Here is a list to consider before any participation.

The forums can be viewed by anyone.
Your contributions are not erased when your account is destroyed, so as not to make the discussions incomprehensible. That said your pseudonym is hidden.

Profile: a private space

Unlike discussion forums, your dating profile is a completely private space. This principle is in line with our policy which respects the privacy of users. Good to know :

Your profile can only be viewed by FabGuys users.
You can block a user at any time by adding them to your blacklist.
Your account can be deleted at any time in seconds.
In the event of a major problem, you can contact the FabGuys team.

Some advice

If you want to remain as complete as possible, here are some tips to protect your privacy.

Choose a pseudonym completely different from your usual pseudonyms.
Do not upload a main photo (visible to everyone), but only photos 2 and 3 (visible only to FabGuys users).
Never disclose your last name, first name, telephone number.



Personal informations :

Any vulgar, abusive or tendentious pseudonym (in particular with sexual connotation) is not tolerated and the associated accounts will be deleted without warning. All users agree to provide exact information for the use of FabGuys. (date of birth, location, photos etc.)

Regarding profile photos, all users agree that the photos published will be exclusively their own. To be validated, a profile photo must meet the following criteria:

Photo not retouched, without snapchat or other filter with visible eyes, whole face and sufficient size.
Clear photo neither too dark nor too clear.
Bare photos are prohibited as well as seductive or suggestive poses.
The following are tolerated: male naked torsos, sunglasses allowing the eyes to be seen, or if there is already an identifiable profile photo. Also accepted are photos of couples declared or in a group if all are members of the site with photos (contact a moderator in this specific case).

Photos of minor children (under 15 years old) alone or accompanied are prohibited. For minors over 15 years old, individual photos on the site reserved for them are accepted.

Any user undertakes that the information and photos provided in no way usurp the identity of a third person. Any user can give additional information through the classified ad and the presentation. However, these are also subject to certain rules. FabGuys not intended to become a site for light meetings, any mention concerning a desire for meeting of this type is prohibited. The same goes for details on sexual preferences. In order to protect you from any predators of all kinds, any information concerning addresses, telephone numbers, emails, facebook accounts, snapchat, ask, twitter, grindr, tinder, instagram etc. should not appear on the classified ad or presentation, but also on the forum and chat.

All comments contrary to the legislation in force and to the philosophy of the site are prohibited.

The addition of images or videos to the presentation is authorized, however these are subject to the same conditions as the profile photos. However, the user’s face is not required to be present on it. Any user is fully responsible for his publications and the activity of his account and agrees to immediately notify the moderation team of any unauthorized action thereof. FabGuys can under no circumstances be held liable before the courts for possible damages resulting from the use by others of the user’s account.

Each user agrees to have and use only one account of their own. The responsibility of FabGuys cannot be engaged in the event of total or partial hacking of the site and the damage that this hacking could cause with regard to the users or a third party. Likewise, FabGuys declines all responsibility for links to third-party websites that do not belong to it and for which it is not responsible. FabGuys undertakes that personal data will be kept confidential and will never be communicated to third parties except in the context of legal requisitions.



Exchanges :

Tolerance, courtesy, politeness and respect are essential principles to be able to live together and communicate on the internet. We draw your attention to the manner of formulating your remarks, which may be misinterpreted! Remember that a single comma can change everything in a sentence!

Do not think that the screen is a barrier that protects you and dispenses you from everything. The use of smileys and emoticons makes it possible to convey emotions, especially in the context of remarks made in the second degree. Behind each member hides a human who deserves a minimum of respect! It goes without saying that all users respect the charter.

All comments contrary to current legislation and to the philosophy of the site are prohibited, as is the dissemination of private and personal information belonging to others. Members’ social media accounts should not be posted on the site. For external public accounts, dissemination will be possible subject to their compliance with the site charter. Sexual remarks are authorized only on the forum, provided that they are not vulgar and that they respect the legislation in force as well as the present charter, the site not being a house of pleasure. Links to pornographic sites, images or videos are prohibited. Prostitution or its incitement is prohibited. Similarly, advances, proposals, sexual or questionable (sexual shots by camera, sexual shot, exchange of sexy photos etc.) are also not allowed.

Unsolicited advertisements (spam) or advertisements for a competitor’s site are prohibited on all of the services offered by FabGuys.

The flood (posting lots of messages “for nothing”) is prohibited because it prevents other members from participating in the discussion, the service thus being monopolized. The dissemination of your personal data is done under the responsibility of the user and must in no case be carried out on public discussion services. In case of abuse, do not hesitate to contact the moderation team responsible for ensuring compliance with the site’s philosophy, its charter and its proper functioning.

For the forum, and in particular for requests for assistance, mockery and criticism are not accepted. The debate must be a confrontation of ideas and not of people. The forum is not a classified ads page or your personal profile, but a place for discussion and discussion. As a result, personal announcements are not allowed, except requests for help. Moderation decisions are binding on all members. In the event of disagreement with a moderation decision, the appeal procedure is as follows:

No public challenge
Free recourse to the moderator in private message or solicitation of another moderator by the same channel
Request for recourse to the administrator or those responsible for moderation on the support
Failure to follow this procedure may result in sanctions.